What are the different data types available in MS-Access?

It is the default data type. It can contain text or combinations of text and numbers, as well as amounts that don’t require calculations, such as phone numbers.


A text type field that can contain more than 64000 characters. It is used for long descriptions.


Numeric data used in mathematical calculations.


A date, time or combination of both can be specified in this field. Its size is 8 bytes.


This data type can hold currency values and numeric data used in mathematical calculations. It can manage data accurately 15 digits on the left side of the decimal separator and to 4 figures on the right side. Its size is 8 bytes.

Auto Number

A unique sequential (incremented by 1) number or random number assigned by¬≠ Microsoft Access whenever a new record is added to a table. Auto Number fields can’t be updated. Its size is 4 bytes. This field can store two values either Yes/ No, True/False, or On/Off. Its size is one bit.
OLE object. An OLE (Object Linking and Embedding) object is a sound, picture, or other purposes such as a word document or excel spreadsheet that is created in another program. This data type is used to embed or link an OLE object in the database.


This field Contain text or combinations, of text and numbers stored as text and used as a hyperlink address.

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