How to create a form using the design view?

To create a form in design view follow the following steps

  • Select type from the object pane.
  • Select the create structure by using wizard option.
  • A form in design view will appear.
  • Add controls from the toolbar to the form and set their control source property.
  • After placing all the required fields and their labels on the form right-click the button at left upper comer.
  • Select the form view and see the form you have just designed in data entry mode.

Grid lines

By default horizontal and vertical dotted lines appear on the form in design view, o These are called gridlines. These lines are constructive while placing controls on the structure and make them aligned with each other and the form.

Snap to Grid

On the Format menu, click Snap To Grid. If Snap To Grid is turned on when you create a control by clicking the form, report, or data access page, Microsoft Access aligns the upper-left comer of the command to the grid. If you create power by dragging, Access aligns all comers of the control to the network. If you move or resize an existing control, Access lets you run the control or its boundary from grid point to grid point only. When Snap To Grid is turned off, Access ignores the grid and makes you place, move, or resize controls anywhere on the form, report, or data access page.

Resizing Object

Select the control or controls that you Want to resize. Drag the sizing handles until the control is in the size you want.

Change Form Object Type

The object of the form can be changed easily without creating a new way. The form object type can be modified as follows.

  • Right click on the object with the mouse
  • Select change to option
  • Select and available object type from the list

Label/Object Alignment

Each form object and its label are bounded. Both move together when any of them is moved. The user can change the position of the object and label to each other.

Tab Order

This option is used to alter the tab of objects on a form. The user can change the order as follows.

  • Select tab order from the view menu
  • Click the gray box before the row whose tab order is to be changed.

From Appearance

Right, Click on the form and select color from fill following color option. Change the color of individual form object by highlighting the purpose and selecting a color from font fore color from formatting toolbar. The font, font size, font effect, font alignment, and border can also be modified
using formatting toolbar.

Page Header and Footer

Header and footer added to the form will only appear when printed.

  • Select page header /footer from the view menu
  • Elite page numbers form insert menu

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