How to add, edit and delete records in a table?

Data is entered into a table in datasheet view. To add data to a table. Open the table in datasheet view. Type the data in the first field of the first record. After typing press enter button, the cursor will move to the next field. Repeat the same for all fields. When enter key is pressed in the last field of a record, the cursor automatically moves to the first field of next album.

Editing Records

To edit documents, place the cursor in the report that is to be modified and make the necessary changes.

Deleting Records

The records can be removed from a table in datasheet view.

  1. Open the table in datasheet view.
  2. Right click on the record selector of the record that is to be deleted. The album will be selected, and a pop-up menu will appear.

How to Insert and delete a field in a table?

The best option for adding new fields is the use of the design view. Select the column before which the new column is to be added by licking its label at the top of the datasheet. From insert, menu selects the column.
Select the column to be removed by placing the cursor in it. From the edit, menu selects delete column.

How to Resize, Freeze and Hide rows and columns?

The height of a row on a datasheet can be changed.

Resizing Rows and Columns

  • The user can drag the grey sizing line between row labels up and own with the mouse. The height of all or’.vs is changed.
  • The column width can also be changed.
  • The user can drag the sizing line between columns.
  • If the user doubles clicks online, it will expand the column according to the most extended value in the column.

Freezing Columns

  • To prevent a column from scrolling when the datasheet is scrolled is called freezing of the column.
  • When a column is frozen, it is always visible even when the datasheet is scrolled.

For example in a table that contains several columns, the leftmost column is not available to view when the datasheet is scrolled to the right. If this column is to be kept visible, it is frozen.

  • Click on any row 1 the column that is to be frozen.
  • Select freeze column from the format menu.
  • The frozen column becomes the leftmost column, and a black line appears in the grid to the right of the last frozen column.
  • To unfreeze select unfreeze all columns from the format menu.

How to find and replace data in a table?

Find option. Is available in Microsoft Access to find a particular data item. This option is available in the edit menu. Using this option, we can see the required data item easily and even replace it with the data of our own choice.

Find and Replace Data in a Table

After setting all criteria click the find next button. Same rules keep clicking find next button.


To replace a data item select the repair tab. Now again repeat the same procedure of find but in addition to that also write the text in replace with the text box. We have two additional options for replacing and replace all.
Replace will perform the single replacement and replace all will implement the change on all occurrences.

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